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We Carry on Working say $543m Mega Millions Winners
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The winners of the July 24 Mega Millions jackpot have come forward to claim their prize. The $543m winners are an office syndicate of 11 people from Santa Clara County in California, USA, but they won’t be quitting their jobs.

The Mega Millions syndicate members work in the financial industry at a Wells Fargo branch office in San Jose but aren’t a regular syndicate. Each of the 11 members paid $2 into the pool and group member Roland Reyes said he purchased their winning Mega Millions ticket from Ernie’s Liquor Store as it was on his way home.

Initially it was thought they’d won a $522m Mega Millions jackpot but this figure has now been updated to a fantastic $543m. Their winning numbers were 01-02-04-19-29 and the Mega Ball 20. It’s the third highest win in the history of Mega Millions and the largest win in California lottery history.

The members of the Mega Millions jackpot winning syndicate range from 21 to 60. Reyes said they wouldn’t be quitting their jobs as they all love working for their company. “We have a good time and want to stay together,” he said. “If I could win, anybody could win. We’re just normal people!” he added. In Scotland, Lesley Higgins soon quit her job after she and her husband won a £57.97m EuroMillions top prize.

The Mega Millions winners have accepted their jackpot as a one-off lump sum of $320.5m and after taxes each member is expected to receive $10.7m. It’s the latest big win in the state of California after Kendra Skwarczynski and her husband Carl won $5m on a Hit it Big scratch card. Also celebrating was Bao Dinh Lam who landed a $750,000 Californian Lottery Mystery Crossword scratch card.

Plans for their Mega Millions win include paying off mortgages and also on their Mega Millions shopping list is funding college tuition, helping family and traveling.One of the Mega Millions syndicate said that she would invest her winnings and hopes not to be a “one-time millionaire.” In Australia, a couple from Perth had two $1m Oz Lotto wins.

The owner of Ernie’s Liquors owner, Kewal Sachdev, said he was thrilled when he heard that the prize had been claimed saying “Man, that’s great! That’s wonderful!” He’s celebrating too as the store receives $1m for selling the winning ticket. On Tuesday, the Mega Millions jackpot is $55m.

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