Week Off After Discovery of $2.4 million TattsLotto Win

Week Off After Discovery of $2.4 million TattsLotto Win

Week Off After Discovery of $2.4 million TattsLotto Win

A man from Melbourne, Australia was on his way to work when deciding to check his lottery ticket. Amazingly, he discovered he’d won a $2.4 millionTattsLotto prize and immediately decided to take the week off.

Rather than spending the week slaving away at work, he wanted to just chill out and open a beer or two.

His big win came in the TattsLotto draw held on Saturday April 6. He’s decided to remain anonymous but we do know that he’s in his 50s and lives in the Preston suburb of Melbourne. The lucky winner revealed that he’d been playing lottery games since he was eighteen years old.


He described his TattsLotto win as “surreal” and is already planning how to use his winnings. “I’m going to take it as it comes, but a few things have crossed my mind,” said the delighted winner.

His week off might be a bit longer than that. Retirement is definitely being considered by the winner. Home renovations and holidays in sunny destinations are also being planned. A trip to see his family in Queensland is also on the way.

Lucky store

His winning TattsLotto ticket was purchased from a store with a very suitable name. The Plenty Luck News & Lotto has certainly been living up to its name. This is the second time in as many months that they’ve sold a big winning ticket.  Another store in Melbourne sold two $400,000 winning tickets for the same draw.

Store owner Amol Kapoor is delighted for the winner. He was hopeful they’d sell another big winning ticket but said: “I never thought it would happen so soon!.”

He was quick to start celebrating selling another division one winning ticket. “There will be plenty of cheers and laughter at our shop,” he said.

The delighted store owner added: “I’m sure our shop will be noticed from a distance as we will have big balloons, posters, and decorations all around the shop!”

The Saturday April 6 TattsLotto draw produced two division one winners. The other winning ticket was sold in New South Wales.

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