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West Yorkshire mother is £14.5 million EuroMillions winner
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A mother of four from Shipley in West Yorkshire, England, has this week come forward as the winner of a £14.5 million EuroMillions jackpot.Beverley Doran, 37, won her fortune when her EuroMillions ticket matched the winning numbers in last Friday night’s drawing, and she found out the morning after the draw when she received an email from the National Lottery about her ticket. Another recent EuroMillions win went to a couple of players from Ireland, who won a combined total of €608,940. The winner told lottery officials that she’d also won £50 on the UK Lotto drawing just a few days before, so she decided to see if her good luck continued and bought a EuroMillions lucky dip ticket online.“I was still waking up when I logged into my account,” she told lottery officials, continuing to say that she blamed her blurry eyes on the fact that she could see the jackpot had been won, but couldn’t work out what the prize was worth. “Then I slowly realised it was one UK winner and that that person was me. It was taking a very long time to sink in.”Mrs Doran said that she was suddenly wide awake very quickly, and ran into her eldest son’s bedroom. “He was asleep but I was shouting, ‘I’ve won the Euros! I’m a millionaire!’ All he came back with was ‘What you on about?’”Donna Smith, another EuroMillions winner from the UK, was also a single mother and was planning to buy her daughter a house with her winnings.The lottery winner said that she felt like her head was spinning and she couldn’t quite make sense of what was going on, just like a EuroMillions winner from a few years ago who said his head was spinning as he discovered his £1 million prize. Now that she’s gotten more used to her millionaire status, she plans to use the winnings to buy a new house for herself and her four children, close by to their current council house so that they can stay in the same schools. A couple from Cardiff who won £1 million on the UK Lotto planned to buy their council house with their scoop. “I’m still waiting for someone to come and burst my bubble,” the EuroMillions winner said, but it’s unlikely that’s going to happen any time soon.Why don't you try your luck and purchase your tickets online at