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Western Australian news agency sell winning Lotto ticket thanks to lucky mascot
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A news agency in Western Australia have credited a laughing Buddha mascot for their winning Lotto ticket sale as a local won $20,000 on the Set for Life game.The Fieldgate News and Deli store in Balga, WA, sold a winning first prize Set for Life ticket to a couple from the town, who will take home a huge $20,000 prize every month for the next 20 years. The winning couple, who didn’t reveal their names, told lottery officials that they were shocked with their winnings. This year started off great for WA when several lottery winners claimed big prizes in January.Despite the shock, however, the couple are already planning a Mediterranean Cruise with the cash and will help some friends and family along the way. The couple had the seventh winning ticket for the Set for Life game since it first launched in 2015.The owner of the news agency, Tommy Ma, told lottery officials that the Lucky Laughing Buddha mascot in his store was blessed in a Vietnam temple. “For us it is symbolic of happiness, positivity and prosperity,” he said. A EuroMillions winner from England said that her boss began seeing her as a lucky mascot after she won £1 million.Mr Ma said that ever since the Buddha arrived in the shop, they’ve been selling more top prize Lotto tickets than ever. “It was the third time we sold the top prize here at Fieldgate News and Deli… the last Lotto top prize winning was in early 2017,” he said. A store in Ireland recently called themselves a lucky store after they sold two big EuroMillions winnings tickets in two years, while a lottery winner from Massachusetts in the USA purchased his winning scratch card from a lucky retailer.The lottery retailer said that he believed the best trick to winning a Lotto jackpot prize was to remain positive and keep an “open mind”. He said that he believed that everybody had a chance to become the next top prize winner. A family from Perth in WA recently won a top prize on the Set for Life game.A spokesperson for Lotterywest said that during the last financial year, more than $265 million was paid into the community from lottery wins and funding, including 11 Western Australian Division 1 and first prize winners so far in 2018, with around $19 million being paid out.Pick up your lottery tickets today at