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$1.2m Chase the Ace Lottery Dispute Resolved
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The Canadian dispute between Barbara Reddick and her nephew Tyrone MacInnis over a $1.2m Chase the Ace lottery prize has been resolved after a five-hour settlement conference decided MacInnis would receive $350,000 of the winnings.The dispute had arisen after the pair won the £1.2m Chase the Ace prize in July of this year. Reddick attended a celebratory event with her first-year university student nephew but then told everyone that all the Chase the Ace win should be hers.The 57-year-old claimed that she’d sent MacInnis money to purchase $100 worth of Chase the Ace tickets and told him to put his name on them for “good luck” but stressed there was no agreement between them to share any winnings and only planned to give her nephew $150,000 if they were lucky enough to win a massive prize. She claimed that he’d put his home phone number on the tickets without her permission.It’s the latest Canadian lottery dispute but the problems between Denise Robertson and Maurice Thibeault over a $3m Lotto 6/49 win continue. Recently we reported how £2.5m UK Lotto jackpot winner Edward Putman from England had been charged with fraud over his winAs the dispute broke out over the Chase the Ace win, Reddick claimed she’d never speak to her nephew again but now the dispute has been settled. Initially the court process had seen an order made against her nephew preventing him from spending his share of the Chase the Ace winnings until the court had come to a final decision over the matter.Some winners do share their new-found fortunes. Canadians David Brown and Emanoil (Mike) Kopoulos from Ontario share a $20.48m Lotto 6/49 jackpot. Two cousins from Winnipeg in Canada shared a$1m Lotto 6/49 win.It’s believed that Reddick was upset over the affect the dispute was having on her relationship with her nephew. As a result of this final settlement, both sides have agreed that Mr MacInnis will receive $350,000 of the Chase the Ace windfall with the remainder of the money going to Reddick, a total of $872,639.A statement released after the meeting said: “They are both satisfied with the terms of the settlement. It was reached mutually to avoid further court proceedings and to bring this matter to a final conclusion. Both parties are looking forward to putting this matter behind them, and no further media statements will be made.”