$1 million Lotto Win Changes Rana’s Life Forever

$1 million Lotto Win Changes Rana’s Life Forever

$1 million Lotto Win Changes Rana’s Life Forever

A lottery win can really change your life. That’s definitely so for unemployed Rana from Hawke Bay in New Zealand. Her money worries are over after winning a $1 million lotto prize.

The 23-year-old is unable to work at present due to health problems.  Rana has schizophrenia and also suffers from epileptic seizures. Such were her financial difficulties that to buy food and fuel, a service station owner lent her $10. Rana promised to pay him back the next day and that’s certainly not a problem now.

Winning such a prize is a massive shock and difficult to believe. The lucky player still thinks it might be a dream but it’s very real indeed.

Now the days of being given “hand-me-down stuff” by her parents are over. Her tough upbringing will help her cope with her newfound wealth. It’s the latest big win in New Zealand after a couple  won a $6.3 million NZ Powerball jackpot.

Intense feeling

The lucky Lotto winner says she had an “intense feeling” that she should check her Lotto tickets. The first one won her $68 and that was going to be used to pay her petrol bill. Then the second was scanned and her $1 million win was revealed.

There was an agonising delay to make that decision. The ticket scanner stopped and it was ten long minutes before it told her she’d won $1 million.

Busy week

It’s been a busy week for her with plenty of people contacting her asking for assistance. However, she only wants to help those who were “there when we were struggling.”

Rana also wants to invest some of her Lotto winnings. Other plans for her windfall include buying a house and going on a cruise with her family. Her mother and sister have already been bought new phones and Rana made sure she got one too.

If her investments go well, the Lotto winner wants to build a place for other young people who suffer from schizophrenia and epileptic seizures. It’d be a place where they can go without being judged and feel safe.

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