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$1 million New Zealand Lotto Win Discovered During Lockdown
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$1 million New Zealand Lotto Win Discovered During Lockdown

Winning a big lottery prize is always something to celebrate. It’s even better if it comes along just at the right time even if you are in lockdown.

That’s been the case for a man from Christchurch in New Zealand. His wife is pregnant, so his $1 million New Zealand Lotto prize won on August 28 is much appreciated.

The lucky player has asked to remain anonymous. He did speak to Lotto NZ and had a great story to tell. He was on his second Sunday in lockdown, living with his pregnant wife and their daughter. The day after the New Zealand Lotto draw, he was looking though his emails at breakfast time. He saw that one email was from Lotto NZ.

Thinking it might be a small win, he went onto the Lotto NZ App and got the most pleasant shock of his life. ”It didn’t take long before I realised there was a line where all the numbers were being circled off – they just kept coming.It was such a surreal feeling; I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

Complete shock

His wife suddenly began to wonder what was happening. Eventually she got his attention and her husband showed her their New Zealand Lotto ticket. She admits to being speechless when seeing how much they’d won. “We just sat there at the table looking at each other in complete shock,” she said.

She’d actually seen that someone in Christchurch had won $1 million but admitted it “truly never even crossed my mind that it could possibly be us”. They spent the evening working out a wish list of purchases they’d make with their New Zealand Lotto winnings. It’s a pleasant way of spending your time in lockdown.

A surreal feeling

The expectant father said it was “surreal” winning so much money and said: “It’s going to make such an enormous difference to us as a family.” He added: “You always hope to win Lotto – dreaming about what you would do is part of the fun. But for it to happen to us … it’s almost unbelievable.”

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