$100 million Australian Powerball Jackpot on Thursday

$100 million Australian Powerball Jackpot on Thursday

$100 million Australian Powerball Jackpot on Thursday

It’s a big week for lottery players in Australia with a $100 million Australian Powerball jackpot on Thursday.

The draw on May 16 will see players trying to win the $100 million Australian Powerball jackpot. It’s the third-largest top prize seen in Australian lottery draws this year.

Massive demand

The $100 million top prize is also the sixth-largest jackpot ever seen in the history of Australian lotteries. It’s believed nearly half of adults in Australia will enter the draw.

Earlier this year,  the Australian Powerball jackpot reached $200 million. The jackpot was shared by two tickets  sold in Queensland and New South Wales.

The jackpot has reached this level because the last five Australian Powerball draws have failed to produce a winner. Seven division two winners each received $!42,219.05.

Already celebrating is a man from Whitsundays in North Queensland. He’s just won a $712,882,63 Saturday Gold Lotto prize.

His was one of seven tickets that won a division one prize in the May 4 draw. He knew that he’d had a good win in the draw but a shock was on its way the following day.

That’s amazing!

An expletive was his immediate reply followed by: “That’s amazing!”  When he was told how much he’d won, he was in total shock.

“How much is it again? Seven hundred thousand dollars?!”  It was a shock to him because the lucky player admits he thought his win was just $700.

He’s a regular lottery player and has been for the past four years. Every week he uses the same numbers and they all come from family birthdates. He plans on continuing to play so could his lucky numbers win the Australian Powerball jackpot?

Some winners tell everyone about the fantastic win they’ve just had but not this player. He said: “I don’t think I’ll really tell anyone except for my wife.”

The winning ticket was purchased while he and his wife were on holiday. He now plans to use some of his winnings to pay off the mortgage on their home.

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