Two Tickets Share Record $200m Australian Powerball Jackpot

Two Tickets Share Record $200m Australian Powerball Jackpot

Two Tickets Share Record $200m Australian Powerball Jackpot

A woman from Queensland was busy preparing herself for a 6am gym class. Little did she know her life was about to change forever when discovering a $100 million Australian Powerball win.

The very lucky player was one of two who shared the record $200 million jackpot in the February 1 draw. The Queensland winner lives in the Brisbane suburb of Hawthorne and hadn’t registered her ticket. That meant the lottery company couldn’t directly contact her.

When seeing a ticket sold in Queensland had won half of the $200 million Australian Powerball jackpot, she checked hers on The Lott app and an amazing discovery was made.

Was it a dream?

“I started to pace the floor back and forth and question if it was even real,” recalled the jackpot winner. Was it a dream? The shocked winner began slapping her face and telling herself to wake up but it was all true..

Not surprisingly she didn’t attend her gym class. There was no way she wanted to lose her winning Australian Powerball ticket so held onto it “for dear life” and then phoned her father.

Some of her winnings will be used to help others and an overseas family holiday is also on its way. The winner stressed that “at the end of the day, money will not change who I am” but it will change her life.

The winnings will also be used to start her own business. Being able to do that was one of the reasons that she decided to buy a ticket.

Unforgettable phone call

Also winning $100 million in the Australian Powerball draw were a couple from Singleton in New South Wales. December 2023 saw a player from that state  win a $32.6 million Australian Powerball prize.

Their ticket was registered so they received an unforgettable phone call informing them of their fantastic success.

“It’s a lot of money. A lot of money to fathom!” said the female half of the couple. Retirement is now planned but she’s not sure if her husband will do the same as he loves his job.

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