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$14.2m Lotto 6-49 Win Leads to Marriage Proposal
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Rod Holinaty from La Ronge in Saskatchewan, Canada hasn't just won a $14.2 million Lotto 6-49 jackpot but it finally prompted him to propose to his girlfriend.Back in May we told you how Saskatchewan was one of the luckiest places in Canada to buy lottery tickets. There'd been four big wins in three months and now another lucky player has won a big prize.It's the latest big jackpot after Gerald Fritsma won $17 million on the Lotto 6-49 in July.Before that Tara Vallentgoed and Sarah McGregor won a $5 million jackpot in May.The winning Lotto 6-49 ticket had spent two weeks in Holinaty's locker before being checked. Rod’s partner, Verna Tremblay, knew the jackpot had been won by someone in Saskatchewan and bugged him to check his ticket.It's not uncommon for winning tickets to be left hanging around unchecked. Willie Nelson from Los Angeles, USA, who won a $110 million Powerball jackpot this month kept his ticket in his car for three days. Sheila Cleasby from Edmonton, Canada waited three monthsbefore claiming her $1 million Lotto 6-49 winnings.Finally he got round to check his lottery ticket and Rod says he was "stunned" when he realized the ticket was the jackpot winner and just "wanted to get home." Holinaty has been buying lottery tickets for 30 years and for half that time has also been dating Verna without ever getting close to marrying her, but that's all changed now. Once he got home he asked her "Do you want to marry a millionaire?"The winning numbers in the August 5 Lotto 6-49 draw were 08-23-29-34-35-48 and the bonus number 36. The jackpot winner purchased his winning ticket from the Country North Confectionary in La Ronge.Speaking about the Lotto 6-49 win, Tremblay said she "hadn't even started window shopping yet", but added: "This amount of money lets you do anything and everything. We just plan to enjoy life." The couple plan to travel more and help their family members. Oh and there is of course a wedding to pay for, because Verna accepted the wedding proposal.Give your dreams a chance and purchase your lottery tickets online with us at