$15m Australian Powerball Winner Still Went to Work

$15m Australian Powerball Winner Still Went to Work

$15m Australian Powerball Winner Still Went to Work

Just in time for Christmas two lucky tickets won their owners a $15 million prize in the December 14 Australian Powerball draw.

One of the lucky winners was a man from Clarence Valley in New South Wales, Australia. His luck really was in because he also had 19 division two wins. In total he won a fantastic $15,418,148.20.

Holy moly

The lucky player never misses an Australian Powerball draw. When his win was confirmed in a phone call from The Lott, his immediate reaction was ““Holy moly!”  Unlike  a recent lottery winner  he didn’t have a lucky four-leaf clover.

Showing just how important the win means to him, he then said: “You’ve made my life.” There was still part of him that thought he might be dreaming. Hence a very strange request being made: “Oh man! If you could reach through the phone and punch me so I know I’m not dreaming, that would be great,” said the shocked Australian Powerball winner.

He’s already decided to retire and is looking forward to spending a lot more time with his family. However, he still had work to go to that day but joked; “I’ve got to try and concentrate at work today, but I don’t know how!”

Million everyday

The other winners of the Australian Powerball jackpot were a syndicate of four players from Berwick. The syndicate is called “Million Everyday” and now it’s lived up to its name.

Their amazing news was revealed to one of the syndicate members in a phone call. “My heart is going a thousand miles an hour,” replied the surprised winner who was hoping she wasn’t going to have a heart attack: “I’m too young for that,” she joked.

Plans for her $3.7 million share of the win include helping her children and buying her own home. “Happy New Year to me!” summed up her feelings about her success.

Their winning ticket was purchased from the Berwick Springs Lotto and News store. That’s owned by Bernard Aulia who said it was the third division one winning ticket they’d sold this year..

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