Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Leads to $4m Australian Powerball Win

Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Leads to $4m Australian Powerball Win

Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Leads to $4m Australian Powerball Win

What do you believe gives you good luck?  A father from Craigieburn in Melbourne, Australia found a four-leaf clover in an avocado plant. Soon after he won a $4 million Australian Powerball prize.

His ticket was one of two division one winning entries in the 9 November draw. In total, he was lucky enough to win $4,148,377.65.

The lucky Australian Powerball player hadn’t registered his ticket. That meant the lottery company had no idea who the winner was.

When he did finally come forward to claim his winnings, he declared: “Hallelujah! This is life-changing.”

He then recalled the magical moment when discovering he was a millionaire. He hadn’t seen the Australian Powerball draw live but checked the results just before going to bed. What a shock was on the way for him.

La-la land

“I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk. It felt as if I was in a dream,” was his instant reaction. “I almost went blind and I couldn’t see, and my heart was beating so fast. I was in la-la land,” he added.

The shocked player didn’t immediately claim his win and gave himself “a few days to calm down and catch up on sleep” before doing so.

This time his wife believed their win and the couple have been celebrating ever since. Some “fancy dinners” have been enjoyed instead of the usual takeaway pizza.

Loose change

His winning Australian Powerball ticket was bought shortly before the deadline. He had some loose change in his pocket and that plus a previous much smaller lottery win was used to make the purchase.

When he got home he saw that his avocado plant had sprouted some clover leaves. He started to dispose of them and then surprisingly found a four-leaf clover. He put it on his ticket for luck and the rest is history.

He says the win will “make our life so much easier.” He’ll help his children out with their mortgages and purchase a new home for himself and his wife plus a new car.

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