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$16.6m Australian Powerball Scandal Takes Another Twist
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Members of a syndicate in Geelong in Australia who claimed they were conned out of a $16.6m Australian Powerball win have themselves been accused of deception.Gary Baron has had to face three separate lawsuits staking claims to his Australian Powerball winnings as the former workmates fight among themselves over the lottery windfall. He denies that he took their $16.6m Australian Powerball win for himself and claims he bought the winning Australian Powerball ticket separately. Earlier this year It looked as if a deal over the lottery win had been reached.His former colleagues, most of who worked for the Toll Group, a courier firm in North Geelong, who have become known as the ‘Powerball 14’ launched a case for an equal share of his jackpot in February of this year. Suspicions about Mr Baron began when he suddenly quit his job and purchased a luxury BMW and a new home. The Toll Group even had to deliver champagne to Mr Baron.But it seems the ‘Powerball 14’ should be the ‘Powerball 19’ and they have been accused of going ahead with their court action without telling five other syndicate members.One of those other syndicate members is John Dimasi who is suing separately. His solicitor, John O’Hallorn, said talks had been held with Mr Baron’s lawyer but they had failed so legal action has had to be taken for an equal share of the Australian Powerball winnings.Another of the five syndicate members, Brendon Clark expressed his dismay at not being told of the legal action. “I had no idea (of the lawsuit) until someone sent me a link to an article.” Asked if he was on good terms with the ‘Powerball 14’, he replied: “No, not really.”A member of the ‘Powerball 14’, Wayne Connor was asked if all syndicate members had been told of the lawsuit and commented, “I don’t remember.”It’s the latest lottery scandal after the Tipton Family in America faced more arrests over suspicious lottery jackpot wins. Lynn Anne Poirier from Florida, USA, was forced by a court to share $1m Powerball win with her ex-boyfriend.