$18 million Lotto Max Winner Sails to Success

$18 million Lotto Max Winner Sails to Success

$18 million Lotto Max Winner Sails to Success

When sailing enthusiast Sharon Fraser from Ucluelet in Vancouver, Canada  discovered a Lotto Max win she thought a free play was  her prize. Imagine her shock when it turned out to be an $18 million windfall.

The lucky player lives on a boat and was enjoying her breakfast when deciding to check her Lotto Max ticket for the February 23 draw. Many times before she had managed to win a free play for the next draw but then her phone gave Sharon the surprise of her life.

When seeing all the zeros for her winning amount, she thought there was a problem with her phone. It was either that or a mistake had been made. Then her son took a look and told the retiree that she’d won the $18 million Lotto Max jackpot. Last year  a man from Beaverdale in Canada won a $70 million Lotto Max jackpot.


For each draw Sharon uses the same numbers and  they were given to her randomly several years ago. Speaking about her Lotto Max jackpot win, she said:  “You dream about this kind of a situation and it came true.”

Now she’s busy working out just how to spend her $18 million jackpot. Her plans include buying a new car, sailing down to the south of Canada where it’s warmer and making some property purchases.

Absolutely perfect

Although she currently lives on a boat, a new one isn’t going to be bought. “What we’ve got is absolutely perfect,” said the Lotto Max winner. It was bought 17 years ago and a lot of effort has been put into refitting and upgrading the boat. “There’s gonna be no changes,” she added.

Also celebrating a Lotto Max win is Robert Annaert from Oshawa. He won $120,000 in the February 13 draw.

The retired engineer has been a regular lottery player for several decades. He said that it was hard believing what was happening when checking the winning numbers. Robert asked his wife to check the results. There was no indecision from her and she instantly knew the ticket had won $120,000.

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