“Bittersweet” Moment for $70 million Lotto Max Winner

“Bittersweet” Moment for $70 million Lotto Max Winner

“Bittersweet” Moment for $70 million Lotto Max Winner

It’s bound to be an emotional moment if you win a big lottery prize. It certainly was for Canadian Brian Hoover from Beaverlodge after winning a $70 million Lotto Max jackpot. Understandably he just couldn’t stop thinking of his late wife.

His Lotto Max jackpot win came in the draw held on January 16. His wife had shared a lot with her beloved husband. One was a dream that they would win a lottery jackpot. They often spoke about what they’d do if that big win came along.

Now that has finally happened, Brian now knows just how he wants to spend his winnings. Speaking about his Lotto Max win, the successful player commented: “I want to make sure I do good things. Using this money and investing in her memory is a way to share this win with her,”

Bittersweet win

As much as he is delighted with his jackpot win, Mr Hoover admits that his success is “bittersweet for me.”  

The Lotto Max winner wants to use some of his windfall to help his community. One plan is to sponsor a program that helps local schools.


Emotions nearly got the better of him as he spoke about his wife and their three children. His wife used to love taking them to parks and that’s given him an idea. “My first thought is to have a park named for her,” said a proud Brian.

Helping his family is another important way in which his Lotto Max winnings will be used. A couple of mortgages will be paid off and money given to other relatives.

His win is the largest amount that can be won in the Lotto Max draw. Two months ago  there was  a $50 million Lotto Max win.  He may be determined to help others but he’s got some treats lined up for himself. A road trip is being planned and that will include a long-planned trip to the Yukon to see a friend. To get there he wants to buy “a classy motorhome.”

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