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1950s Western TV Show Inspires $100,000 Cash5 Prize
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There are plenty of ways in which players choose their lottery numbers. For Francisco Rios from Hartford in Connecticut, USA, it was a television programme from the 1950s and now he’s won $100,000 in the July 27 Cash5 draw.The lucky Cash5 player said that he was inspired by a 1958 episode of the Western television series ‘Bronco’ entitled ‘Freeze-Out’ The storyline was about someone who had been buried in a glacier for 22 years, 2 months, 18 days, 12 hours and 28 minutes. Rios took those five numbers and thought to himself “those are good numbers for Cash5!”It took a while for those Cash5 numbers to become profitable. It was a year and a half ago that he watched that episode of ‘Bronco.’  Brittany Powell from Canada waited five years before finally winning $1m playing Lotto Max. For Leah Gomersall from England, she used a dream to choose her numbers and scooped £150,000 in a EuroMillions draw.It wasn’t until the July 27 Cash5 draw that the five numbers matched those that were drawn out winning him $100,000. “I was watching the drawing on TV and saw the first numbers were 12, 18, 22, and thought yeah—I won $10! And then 22—I got $300! And the final number is 28, and I jumped out of the chair! I never thought I could hit five numbers!”A lottery player from Virginia, USA, won a $10,710 Mega Millions prize after using numbers based on family birthdays from four generations. In Australia, a syndicate won a $30m Oz Lotto jackpot using numbers chosen by the person who sold them their winning ticket.The Cash5 winner already has several ideas on how to spend his winnings. “easily able to detail how he planned to put his prize to good use. “I need a better car, one that’s good in the snow,” said Francisco. $60m Lotto Max winner Joan Patterson was thinking of buying a Corvette with some of her winnings.Other plans for his Cash5 windfall include sharing “a little bit” with his family. That’s what Canadian Ashman Kennedy did after his $30m Lotto Max win. He also wants to pay all the bills and “save the rest for emergencies.”His winning Cash5 ticket was purchased from ShopRite in West Hartford. They will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Connecticut Lottery for selling the winning ticket.To give yourself a chance of also becoming a winner, play now at