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$1m Australian Lotto Win Helps Winners Leave "Struggle Street"
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Geraldton in Western Australia has certainly been a lucky place to play the Australian Lotto this month. Last Wednesday a couple won $1m and the September 5 draw saw another ticket from the area win $750,000.Western Australia in general is on a bit of a lucky streak with eight $750,000 Division 1 prizes being won in the Australian state in Saturday's Australian Lotto Superdraw. It's not uncommon for lucky streaks like this to happen.In March, three lottery players from McDowell County in the USA won $1m each.In Europe two successive EuroMillions Superdraw winners came from Spain.Those wins in Australia came just days after a couple from Geraldton won $1m in the September 2 Lotto draw. They've already claimed their prize and say the lottery windfall will help them out of "struggle street." The anonymous winners say life hasn't been easy for them in the past so this win means "it's just wonderful to have some extra money in our pockets." They plan on using their winnings to help renovate their home.There are many ways in which you can choose your lottery numbers. A woman from Monroe in Washington, USA, used baseball players numbers to win $360,001 on the lottery. Using her mother's old numbers helped Michelle Poussin from California scoop a $697,000 Mega Millions prize. For this lucky couple, they used a mixture of family birthdays and numbers at random to come up with the numbers that have changed their lives forever.When wins like this occur it really causes plenty of excitement in the area. Val Casley owns the Bluff Point Newsagency in Geraldton which sold one of the winning tickets in Saturday's Australian Lotto draw and said "There is such a vibrant vibe surrounding the town with everyone thinking they might just be the next big winner." The shop owner added "I'm quite confident it will continue."Saturday's Australian draw also saw winners from Albany and South Hedland. There were also celebrations in Perth which is a really lucky place to play the lottery. In June a woman from Perth won the $2.1m Australian Lotto jackpot. The following month a couple won a $50m Australian Powerball jackpot.Since you never know when fortune is going to strike, play your favourite international lottery online with us at and be prepared to celebrate.