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£1m EuroMillions Winners Terrified of Spending their Windfall
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James O’Donnell and his partner Victoria Hunter-Woods from Derby in England, both aged 35, have won £1m in the July 24 EuroMillions draw. Their only problem is they are terrified of spending their winnings.James started playing EuroMillions in April, with the target of “winning enough for a meal out now and again” and was “chuffed” with a recent £13 win.  It was hot, and he was struggling to sleep so he checked his phone and saw there was a message about that night’s EuroMillions draw.  He nearly waited until the morning to open it, but curiosity got the better of him and he discovered their £1m EuroMillions win."The next ten minutes is a black out, a lot of sitting very still and staring at my phone, counting the zeros. I just thought this cannot be real, I must be reading something wrong," said the shocked EuroMillions winner.His partner, who works as a teaching assistant, was fast asleep, so he waited until the morning to tell her the news of their EuroMillions win. In Canada, Darcy Glover woke his wife up with the news they’d won a $1m Lotto Max prize.She just stared at the phone message “I was confused. It was completely mental, she said, particularly as she had no idea James even played EuroMillions. She won’t quit her teaching assistant job but wants to cut down the hours she works, just like £70,000 UK Lotto winner Jordon Morgan from Wales.  Carpenter Aaron Fawden from Warwickshire, England, didn’t retire despite his £1m EuroMillions windfall.Victoria has two children from a previous relationship who live with the couple. This EuroMillions win means they will be “able to give the kids things we couldn’t afford before and go on holiday without scrimping and saving beforehand.”James said he’d struggled financially in the past and the security this EuroMillions win brings is “an alien feeling.” Unlike his partner, he is thinking of quitting work but regarding their £1m, he admits “We’re just terrified of spending any of it!”He also wants to buy a new car and buy their rented council house. Other plans for their EuroMillions win include a few holidays and buying property in Spain. Welshman Jacob Hodge plans to buy his own home after his £1m National Lottery scratchcard win.  Ann Lines from Coventry plans to purchase her family home after winning £214,825 playing the People’s Postcode Lottery.Update your wish list and purchase your tickets online at