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$1m Powerball Winner Still in Shock
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$1m Powerball Winner Still in Shock

When wins come along in lottery games it’s often small ones. They all count though, don’t they? Colleen Wymer from Michigan, USA, thought she’d had another small win. In fact, she’d won $1m in the March 17 Powerball draw.

The lucky player says that she regularly buys tickets for both the Powerball and Mega Millions draws. “A few dollars here and there,” are won she joked. It was a few days after the Powerball draw that she checked her online account and there was good news but much better than she expected.

A Big Win this Time?

A prize notification was there, and one thought entered the 62-year-olds mind. “Wow I hope it’s more than a couple dollars this time.”  When she discovered her $1m win she just couldn’t believe her luck.

Her Powerball ticket had matched all five of the main numbers in the March 17 draw. The selection that made her a millionaire was: 34-38-42-61-62, no use of birthdays or anniversaries there.

It took her a while for her to claim her big win and still she doesn’t really believe it. That explains why no answer was forthcoming when asked how she’d spend her windfall. “I haven’t even thought about what I will do with my winnings yet because I’m still in shock. It doesn’t seem real,” said the Powerball winner.

A Lucky State

Michigan has been rather a lucky state in which to play lotteries. Just ten days later the March 27 Powerball draw saw Vera Giglio from Grosse Pointe Shores win $150,000. Her ticket matched four of the white balls and the Powerball.

Her win came using numbers that she’d been using every week for years. Wen she looked for the results in her newspaper, Vera instantly recognised her numbers. “It was very exciting,” the winner said. She now plans on using her winnings to pay off her bills.

Those winnings don’t come anywhere near Michigan’s biggest lottery win of 2021. In March, the Wolverine FLL lottery club claimed a $1.05bn Mega Millions jackpot.

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