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$1m Winning Lotto Max Ticket Stored in ‘Lottery Envelope’ All Summer
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Darcey Hickey from Kamloop in British Columbia, Canada, spent three-and-a-half months getting up early and going to work. Then he finally got around to checking his lottery tickets and discovered he’d won $1m in the July 6 Lotto Max draw.The 51-year-old construction worker had spent all summer toiling away in hot weather. He probably wishes now that he didn’t have a policy of buying tickets and then tucking them away in his “lottery envelope.” Robert and Carol Kydd kept a $1m winning Lotto 6/49 ticket on their fridge for a month before checking it. Englishman Martin Crighton had aEuroMillions ticket that had won £1m in his wallet for a month.It wasn’t until October 22, 109 days after the July 6 Lotto Max draw,  that he finally decided to check that envelope. He went to his local lottery kiosk in Northills Centre, the same store where he had purchased that $1m winning Lotto Max ticket in July. Hickey used the self-check ticket machine and was shocked when it told him his ticket had won a $1m Lotto Max prize.“I put it aside and checked a few more tickets. Then I checked it again and brought it to the clerk,” said the shocked Lotto Max winner. Indeed, his ticket had matched all of 01-20-24-30-38-42-47 to win one of the additional $1m prizes. There were more of those in that draw as the Lotto Max jackpot had reached its cap of $50m. That didn’t please all players, many of whom believe there should be higher Lotto Max jackpots available.Since discovering his big Lotto Max win, Darcey says he’s been “really nervous” and hasn’t slept much. That’s just like the male player from Canberra in Australia who won $50m playing the Australian Powerball draw.It’s the latest big win in Kamloop after Jason Labby had a $500,000 Lotto Max Extra win. Also celebrating in British Columbia was Robert Scott who won a $500,000 Lotto 6/49 prize in June of this year.It’s by far his biggest lottery win, with just the occasional free ticket or a few dollars. He’s not too sure how to spend his Lotto Max winnings and hasn’t yet decided whether to go back to the construction site or retire.He is off to China with his partner but that was already booked, now thanks to his Lotto Max win, he has a bit more spending money.Trust your luck and purchase your tickets online at