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How does a £45 million lottery winner celebrate his upcoming nuptials? Obviously he has the stag do to remember.

Matt Topham and Cassey Carrington won the EuroMillions lottery jackpot of £45 million back in February. They are due to tie the knot in the next few weeks at the four star Risley Hall Hotel in Nottingham.

With such a huge EuroMillions win under his belt, lottery winner Matt Topham can afford to splash out on the most amazing stag do celebration ever. He has the pick of the world’s most exciting destinations to choose from: Las Vegas, New York, Dubai, the Caribbean, and so on.

He can hire a private jet to fly himself and his party to wherever he wants, stay in 5 star hotels or even hire an exclusive venue for the weekend.

He can travel in a stretch limousine or charter a crewed yacht. He can even hire his own party island and fly in top DJs to really treat his pals.

However, despite his millions, in true Brit style he chose a modest, no fuss weekend in Amsterdam with his father, brothers and buddies. The EuroMillions lottery winner generously paid for his party’s EasyJet flights to Amsterdam and accommodation in a 3 star hotel.

They spent the weekend bar hopping, and splashed out on lunch in McDonald’s. It seems the couple are being very sensible with their lotto win, ensuring it will see them comfortably into the future.

Perhaps they will be a little more extravagant with their wedding celebrations… his and her thrones, free-flowing crystal champagne, or 100 white fluffy kittens?

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