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The 27th July saw the creation of 100 UK Millionaires, thanks to the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle draw in conjunction with the launch of the Olympic Games 2012.

The National Lottery set a new world record for creating the most millionaires in a single lottery draw in a single night. Surprisingly it took some of the lottery winners a little time to come forward to claim their prizes. Perhaps it was the shock, or they were just too consumed by the coverage of The Games.

The media reported the day after the historical EuroMillions draw that only 35 lotto winners had come forward, leaving 65 unclaimed £1 million pound prizes. It took a few more days until 79 prizes had been claimed, but that still left 21 lottery winners unaccounted for. Recently the total number of claimed prizes totalled 93, with 7 unknown millionaires still to claim their prize.

According to the National Lottery website’s unclaimed prizes list, there are still 4 EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle prize winners who have not yet come forward. These could-be-millionaires purchased their tickets in the London Borough of Harrow, the Borough of Bedford, the Borough of Wirral and the Constituency of Hodge Hill. They have until 23 January 2013 to claim their £1 million pound prizes.

One of the EuroMillions winners named early on was Alex Wheatley from Portslade. Since then other lottery winners have come to light. This includes Idris Tipperm from Trecenydd and Chris Edwards from Pen-y-Bryn. The pair work together in Hengoed, Wales and purchased a lottery ticket after Chris heard about the EuroMillions event. They decided to spend £5 each on 5 lines and hit the lottery jackpot by winning £1 million.

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