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Didn’t the North East do well in the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffles over Christmas and New Year?

First there was Andrew Stephen Garth from Middlesbrough in Teeside, who was just one of the 25 EuroMillions Christmas Day Millionaire Raffle winners. He won £1m.

Now there are 19 other people from Teeside celebrating the lottery results. They are a group of colleagues who work at Sabic UK Petrochemicals in Wilton. The latest lotto winners, known as The C-Shift EuroMillions syndicate, won £1m in the New Year’s Day Millionaire Raffle. Joint syndicate leader Andy Oates discovered the good news when he checked his ticket on New Year’s Day. He said: “I know it’s a commonplace, but I just couldn’t believe it when the Millionaire Raffle number matched.”

Dave Byers, the other joint syndicate leader, was delighted to become a brief millionaire when the EuroMillions cheque for £1m was paid into his bank account. So much so that he printed off a copy of his balance for prosperity, before sharing the lotto win with his colleagues.

He is planning to take his wife and family to America to celebrate the wedding of his wife’s niece in June. One member celebrated his lottery win by buying a new BMW before he had even banked his share. He’s also excited to finally be in a position to buy his first home. Others are looking forward to a holiday.

The Teeside syndicate may have different ideas on how to spend their £52,631.59 share of the big win, but one thing they are united over is how fantastic it is to win the lottery.

Andy Oates delivered the good news to the syndicate members on 2nd January. We reckon that’s probably the best news you could ever hear on your first day back at work after Christmas!

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