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Four things you should know before you play the Mega Millions lotto

With an $80 million lottery jackpot we’re sure you’ll be rushing out to buy a Mega Millions lottery ticket, but before you do take a quick look at these curious little facts.

1) If your boss asks whether you’d quit your job if you won the lottery jackpot, lie. This is a common interview question, although companies aren’t really worried about you actually winning. The question is designed to test your commitment to work, so if you’d quit your job the moment the money landed in your lap, don’t tell your boss.

2) We give you five years or less. That’s the average amount of time it takes a lottery winner to spend their winnings. Perhaps you ought to keep your day job after all!

3) You should probably avoid playing the office pool. With news of a team suing their colleague after he failed to tell them they’d won the lottery jackpot, it’s probably best to buy tickets individually. If you still want to play, keep a record of all interested parties, numbers and tickets.

4) Can’t choose your numbers? Ask Colo the Gorilla. A Gorilla at Columbus Zoo correctly picked last years’ NCAA winners. So if you want help choosing your lotto numbers, try your chances with Colo.

After you’ve had some help from Colo, avoided the office pool and lied to your boss about what you’d do if you won, all you need to do is sit back and wait for the Mega Millions lottery results. You’ll need six matching numbers and the Mega Ball to win the $80 million lottery jackpot. If you’re not a jackpot lottery winner, don’t throw your ticket away. Hundreds of ticket holders match enough numbers to win $100 or more.

And if you don’t win, better luck next time! Now it’s so simple and easy to play Mega Millions online at