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Get the true facts on Mega Millions

If you’re a serious lottery player or just keen on winning one of those temptingly huge American lottery jackpots, there is a new book on the shelves that could just help.

It’s called the Lottery Post 2012 Lottery Results Almanac and has been compiled by Todd Northrop, who is also the founder of the website, Lottery Post.

Now we’re not saying this book holds the key to winning, after all how could we possibly know? But it does contain factual data and the winning numbers from all the American lottery games of 2012, including Mega Millions. The book also covers how the lottery games work, their drawing schedules, their game number matrix and the drawing method used for each game.

The author of the book says: “Lottery players are bombarded with hundreds of ‘get rich quick’ books containing lottery systems, wheels, and advice, but there are very few books available containing factual data on which to base all those systems. Part of the reason is because it can be so difficult for an author to pull that kind of data together and to organize it all into a book form. Since Lottery Post already maintains one of the most comprehensive and accurate lottery results databases available, I was able to leverage that valuable asset and focus on editorial efforts, making a mountain of data highly readable and referenceable.”

The Lottery Post 2012 Lottery Results Almanac is available online, should you wish to take a look. Who knows, it may just help with your winning strategy when you play Mega Millions or Powerball… Of course you may just decide to stick to your favourite lotto numbers! And who could blame you?

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