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Don’t miss out on your Mega Millions fortune

Okay, it might not be the Mega Millions lottery jackpot, but $250k is still a lot of money to miss out on. It could seriously change your life.

For a ticket-holder in New Jersey that’s the fate that has befallen them. Why such bad luck? Well unfortunately they failed to collect their Mega Millions lottery winnings before their ticket expired.

You would think a whole year is plenty of time to make a claim, but apparently not. We can only assume that either the winner didn’t realise they had won, or has lost the ticket. It’s a shame as the Mega Millions ticket purchased at VR Supermarket in Passaic County could have made somebody very happy.

Future lottery players should follow the advice of Judith Drucker from the New Jersey State Lottery: “I tell people: check your wallet, clean out the drawers, dig in your pockets…you never know.”

However, for those reading this story it may just be enough to prompt them to check any old Mega Millions tickets they have lying around the house. Or see if they have any stowed away in their car’s glove compartment. That’s because another ticket purchased in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is about to expire too.

It’s also worth $250k and would make someone’s life a little more comfortable. So for anyone who purchased a Mega Millions ticket from the Giant Eagle on Wharton Avenue for the 6th April 2012 draw, check your old lottery tickets now. You could literally be sitting on a small fortune if it’s tucked down the sofa or hiding in your jean’s pocket!

Does your ticket match the first five winning lottery numbers for this draw? They were: 2, 19, 20, 24 and 33. If so, you better hurry up, as you only have until Friday 5th April to make your claim.

Now you can purchase your Mega Millions lottery tickets online at, and you will be informed in writing about all your winnings!