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March 29th really was a Good Friday for EuroMillions winner Kelly Caldwell of Runcorn. Not only did she win £700 on the bingo, but she became a UK EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle winner too. The Easter weekend made air stewardess Kelly Caldwell £1,000,700 richer…that’s an awful lot of Easter egg money.

How did the lucky lotto winner react when she checked the EuroMillions results? “Every time I play EuroMillions I normally get something back, but it is generally about £20 at the most. I checked my numbers and actually said to my mum – ‘oh, this is rubbish, I only have three numbers.’ I then checked the raffle numbers and I couldn’t believe it. I shouted, ‘I am a millionaire! I really am a millionaire!’ I quickly switched on the television, to check and double check and then check again.”

Kelly Caldwell is a keen lottery player, and usually buys five lines of numbers at a time. However her latest lotto ticket purchase was a little different from normal. Following her bingo win she decided to splash out on 10 lines of numbers instead. She also purchased her EuroMillions ticket in the local Co-op instead of her usual Asda.

As the saying goes ‘A change is as good as a rest’, or in this case a change is as good as a £1m win! If you’re a creature of habit who always purchases your EuroMillions tickets from the same shop, maybe it’s time to mix it up a bit and try another retail outlet. You never know, you may just buy the next lucky ticket.

The new millionaire plans to celebrate her upcoming 30th birthday with a holiday to Egypt with her daughter, mum and boyfriend. Then it’s a new home and car on the shopping list. That’s when the good news has finally sunk in: “I cannot believe it. It still doesn’t seem real. Things like this don’t happen to ordinary working-class people like me.”

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