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When something great happens, the first person you want to share the good news with is your best mate. So it’s no surprise that Carly Wiggett wanted to let her best friend know she had won EuroMillions on Friday 22nd March.

However, for best friend Becky Witt it wasn’t just great news, it was fantastic news because she too would share the amazing lottery prize of £336,277.60.

Carly Wiggett and Becky Witt have been friends for many years. They first met at secondary school, went on to college together and are now pursuing the same career as Police Community Support Officers in Lambeth, London.

According to Carly they truly are BFFs (Best Friends Forever): “Since we met at secondary school we have shared just about everything, from holidays, college life and now even our careers, we are so close. To win EuroMillions with your best friend couldn’t be better, it’s just amazing we can share this experience together. I’ve decided Becky is my lucky charm: last time I won anything was £500 on a game of bingo when we were on holiday together in Norfolk!”

The best mates were encouraged to play EuroMillions by Carly’s mum. She told them that according to their horoscopes in a daily newspaper, a win was on the cards if they played together. Carly said: “When my mum told me about the horoscope in the paper we both thought it was a bit of fun and thought, ‘why not?’. We chose one line with important dates and another made up of numbers that came into our heads. I kept forgetting to buy a ticket and Becky kept nagging me to say we ought to listen to the stars, so it wasn’t until the Friday evening as we were driving home with Becky that I finally bought the tickets for us online.”

The girls later found out that they had matched five numbers and one Lucky Star of the EuroMillions lottery results: 12, 27, 32, 34, 49 and Lucky Stars 8 and 9. They each won £168,138.80.

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