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Ways for Mega Millions’ winners to keep a low profile

We imagine that if you win Mega Millions all you really want to do is shout about it, skip down your street and be overly familiar with passersby.

But as we all know this isn’t necessarily the ideal plan if you want to enjoy your new lotto-funded lifestyle in peace. So we’ve had a think and come up with some ways of maintaining a low profile as a lottery winner.

Don’t dress the part

Obviously it will be very tempting to engage the services of a personal stylist now that you are a lotto-millionaire, to ensure you dress appropriately to mix with the elite. And whilst this is preferable for attending movie premieres, dining in elegant restaurants and holidaying in St Barts, it could be considered as slightly overdressed for a trip to your local grocery store. And more importantly, it would create unwanted attention from overly enthusiastic celeb-spotters.

Do relocate

Continuing to live in your modest home is both unnecessary and inappropriate once you become a Mega Millions lottery winner, so definitely splash your cash on something more fitting. To obtain some privacy and security, a mansion in Beverly Hills will help you to remain inconspicuous, as you blend in with the scenery of loaded movie stars and celebrities.

Don’t appear on TV chat shows

No doubt you will be very pleased with your lottery good fortune, and find the media interest irresistible. Broadcasting your news, intimate details of your family and Mega Millions-rich lifestyle across the TV networks is just asking for trouble. Whilst some members of the viewing public will rejoice in your fantastic news, others will be looking for a way to get a slice of your Mega Millions lottery jackpot. And you’ve effectively just sent them one big irresistible invitation.

However, what matters is to became one of these lucky winners. To be in with a chance, you can purchase your Mega Millions lottery tickets online at Good luck!