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Is the $79m Mega Millions winner called David?

We’re still waiting for the $79 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot winner to be officially announced, but speculation is abundant as to his or her identity.

According to news source, the mystery lottery winner is a family guy from Sterling Heights in Michigan, USA. He’s called David but does not want to reveal his surname. Apparently he bought his winning Mega Millions’ ticket from John’s Market on East Square Lake Road in Troy, a nearby city to his Sterling Height’s home.

Also another news source,, reports that he was interviewed over the telephone by TV news channel Local 4.

So is he the real lottery winner or just someone courting local media attention? If he is, why hasn’t the Michigan Lottery announced it? Has he not validated his claim yet? You’d think he would do it before going public, unless he’s just playing a joke.

Of course playing a joke wouldn’t be out of the question. Do you remember Nolan Daniels who claimed to be the $558m Powerball winner in a post on Facebook? He encouraged thousands of Facebook users to share his post by promising one ‘…random person 1 million dollars!’ of his winnings if they did. Unsurprisingly they did, but he turned out not to be the real winner.

We will just have to wait and see if David is the true $79 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot winner. And we won’t know that until we see him posing with a giant official Mega Millions cheque, or his win is announced via the official Mega Millions’ lottery channels. says in their news article, ‘When a winner steps forward to claim the ticket, they do not have the right to remain anonymous and their name will be released, according to a spokesperson for the Michigan Lottery.’

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