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New York City and the curse of the unclaimed ticket

The Mega Millions lotto is a wildly successful American lottery franchise. The Mega Millions lottery, formerly The Big Game, was launched in 2002. It pays a minimum prize of $12 million dollars or more every week. The biggest ever Mega Millions jackpot prize was for a staggering $656 million (with a cash value of $474 million) which was claimed by three jackpot winners in 2012. However, not all big jackpot prizes get claimed. The Mega Millions lotto has the biggest number of unclaimed jackpot wins of any other lottery. Let’s have a look at some of the biggest unclaimed Mega Millions winnings that have, to this day, been left unclaimed.

In Farmville, Virgina, one unlucky ticket-holder, who has yet to claim his or her winnings, won a huge $99 million dollars. In Troy, Michigan, an unclaimed ticket won $79 million dollars. One lucky ticket in Queens, New York, could net the owner a whooping $31 million dollars. Another New York unclaimed ticket, could make its unknown owner a millionaire as the ticket’s jackpot is a staggering $46 million – and it’s a bit of a habit – another unclaimed lotto ticket in New York is also worth a staggering $68 million dollars. To put that all together, $135 million dollars in unclaimed prize money is sitting somewhere in New York City. Is it behind someone’s couch, is it in a kitchen drawer or is it in someone’s wallet or purse? Wherever they are, someone could be walking around and not even be aware that they are super rich!

So if you want to get mega rich, why not try the Mega Millions lottery? The Mega Millions draws are broadcast live at 9pm (EST) on Tuesdays and Fridays. But you need to make sure you are watching the Mega Millions results, that way you can make sure you get your hands on your Mega Millions winnings.

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