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What would you do with $77 million?

The US Mega Millions Lottery draws on August the 30th offers a massive jackpot of $77 million. While this might not be the biggest Mega Millions jackpot ever to have been seen by the USA, we’ve got plenty of suggestions for what you could do with the Mega Millions winnings…

Head to New York City perhaps, and use your Mega Millions jackpot to pay for your and 4,250,000 of your closest friends to take a trip to the crown of the famous Statue of Liberty. Or take 2,236,842 lottery-winning trips to the Top of the Rock including a tour of the Rockefeller Center.

New York not your thing? Perhaps celebrate your Mega Millions results and head to LA to take 1,634,615.38 people on a VIP tour of the Warner Bros Studios, or perhaps cash in on your previous Mega Millions luck in Las Vegas and put your $85,000,000 on black.

If shopping is more your style, your could buy 21 of your friends a Lamborghini Veneno, currently the world’s most expensive car priced at $3,900,000. Or maybe you want to buy 24,637 Louis Vuitton Zephr 55 suitcases and travel in style.

Speaking of travel, your Mega Millions jackpot could take 54 of your friends on the World’s Ultimate Cruise Holiday with Six Star Cruises and sail around the world on a 115 day cruise aboard the ship Silver Whisper, staying in a Royal Suite, with a private jet charter from London to Miami and private Rolls Royce transfers in the US.

Or take your Mega Millions winnings and travel to Canada and buy 32 luxury ski lodges in Whistler, and you’ll even have a few dollars left over for your ski gear!

The opportunities are endless for the lucky Mega Millions winner, now if that doesn’t tempt you to buy a ticket, I don’t know what will!

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