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Mega Millions offers mega lottery prizes

Four million hot dogs from Coney Island. Two million bowls of Massachusetts clam chowder. A mansion in Beverly Hills. What do these three things have in common? They’re all things you could buy with $12million dollars; the starting point of a Mega Millions jackpot.

The biggest and best of all American lottery games, Mega Millions, has been played in the US since 1996. Growing out of just six states to its current 42, the clue is all in the name; Mega Millions is responsible for the biggest lottery win in the history of North America. The total amount? A massive $656 million dollars! Now that’s a lot of hotdogs.

Think about it for a second. How would you spend that sort of money? A new car, perhaps, or the dream home you’ve spent years fantasising about? Maybe something simple, like a whole new wardrobe or expensive toys for the children. You could travel, see the world, or provide your friends and family with financial security for life. Some Lottery players also donate significant sums of money to good causes; more than $23billion has been donated to education alone since the Mega Millions lottery began.

Players choose six numbers from two separate pools; five between 1 and 56, and an individual number between 1 and 46. You can also choose the Easy Pick (or Lucky Dip) option, which generates all your numbers at random. Match all six numbers in the draw and the jackpot is yours!

Mega Millions winnings can be paid as a lump sum, or in 26 annual payments. Smaller prizes are also available for players who match less than six numbers.

Mega Millions draws take place weekly, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Don’t you think it’s time you tried this lotto game? You don’t need to be in the US: buy your Mega Millions lotto tickets online today at