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In 2008 the Italian lottery had been rolling over for six months, and has consequently reached an almighty jackpot of €101 million, until it was won by a single ticket holder in Catania, Sicily, the home of “Cosa Nostra”, or the Italian Mafia.

As the Mafia and its racketeering is notorious in Italy, and particularly in Sicily, winners rarely go public with their big money lottery jackpots, so it is no surprise that to this day the lucky Italian Lottery winner has not confirmed their identity. However, the lotto prize has been claimed.

Immediately after the SuperEnalotto draw, consumer groups across Italy were demanding that the lotto jackpot should be seized by the government, stating that the size of the SuperEnalotto winnings had created a betting culture throughout Italy, leading to bankruptcy or worse.

The lucky Sicilian winner had to wait two months to get the full prize while checks were carried out, however they did take full ownership of the lottery jackpot, plus the legal interest, after this time.

The location of the winner not only spread controversy across Italy in fear of a betting fever, but also sparked fear that the winner could be targeted by the Mafia who, it is believed, will eventually come calling on the lucky lottery winner trying to get their hands on a portion of the massive SuperEnalotto jackpot which was won in a region where the Mafia hold a lot of power.

In an attempt to avoid the danger of the Mafia and losing the SuperEnalotto winnings to the notorious mobsters, the lucky lottery winner has since gone into hiding, and is being careful not to give the game away and admit their true identity, an achievement that must be tough in one of Italy’s poorest areas.

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