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Do you believe that where you play the game could affect your luck? The EuroMillions lotto is played in thirteen different EU countries. The Euro Millions has created millionaires from the highlands of Scotland to the lowlands of Belgium, since its beginning in early 2004.

However, research conducted by the operators has found that some countries are luckier than others. According to the data, the top five luckiest nations include:

1. France
According to the research, 25.6% of winners have collected their winning Euromillions lottery jackpot cash from the French lotto operator. Some notable winners include Philippe Laurent, a 27 year old, who won £112 million in 2013. He is one of several big jackpot winners in France to have their anonymity lost through extravagant spending.

2. Spain
According to the research, accounts for 21.1% of all EuroMillions lottery winnings. Some notable winners include Francisco Delgado, from Seville, who won £105 million.

3. Portugal
According to the data, accounted for 19.2% of all EuroMillions lucky lotto ticket winners. A notable winner included Patricia Meugine who in 2006 won £7.1 million.

4. United Kingdom
According to the data, accounts for 15% of all Euro Millions lottery jackpot winners. Some notable winners include Adrian and Gillian Bayford from Suffolk or Colin and Chris Weir from Glasgow.

5. Belgium
Accounts for 7.9% of all lucky EuroMillions lotto jackpot winners. One lucky Belgian, Thierry Pastalline, in 2007, won £67.9 million.

So, when you are buying your EuroMillions lotto tickets with the hope of winning the lottery jackpot, why not take a moment to consider your location? Remember to watch the EuroMillions lotto draws so you can find out the Euro Millions lotto results. Or just purchase your EuroMillions lottery tickets online at from anywhere in the world and you will be informed in writing about the draw results and your winnings.