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A recent survey carried out both in the United Kingdom and in Australia recently found that winning the lottery would change the way most people see themselves in the world, but not in the way that you might think.

Winning a grand prize on the Powerball lottery or EuroMillions game may well change your spending habits, it will almost certainly make you more frivolous and generous, but according to the joint study between the University of Warwick and the University of Melbourne, winning the lottery is also more likely to change your political beliefs.

The research, conducted in February 2014 and released just this last week, has found that lottery winners tend to switch their political allegiances to right-wing political parties after winnings significant prizes in the local, national or international lottery games. In the United Kingdom, for example, of the people studied who won up to £200,000 on the UK Lotto or EuroMillions lottery, 18% of those lottery winners immediately switched their political allegiance after their milestone win, and themselves changed their outlook on political and economic problems across the country.

This study also found that after winning a large amount on the lottery, many winners become less compassionate and less egalitarian, believing that their compatriots have access to their fair share of wealth, no matter what their situation. Lottery winners are also typically less generous than they would perhaps like to admit to, as after winning a lottery fortune on any of the lotteries across the world, whether that is the EuroJackpot, the Mega Millions or the UK Lotto, those winners become less concerned by the financial problems of others.

So if you win the lottery this week, have a think about where your loyalties lie, and let us know if you can live up to your promises of generosity!