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As the £80 million EuroMillions SuperDraw takes place next week, we took a look back at some of the previous draws and the winners of these commemorative bumper jackpots.

Worth approximately £80 million, regardless of the value of the preceding draw, the EuroMillions SuperDraw is usually designed to commemorate a special occasion or to revamp the lottery. It has previously been offered to celebrate anniversaries of the Europe-wide lottery but there are no parameters set for when the special draws can take place, allowing EuroMillions organisers to announce a SuperDraw whenever they see fit!

This means that at any point throughout the year, the lottery jackpot can be boosted up to create a massive prize fund, and if it is not won on the date of the SuperDraw then the jackpot will act as any other grand prize in the European lottery game and rollover until a player can match all of the numbers in the draw.

While the next SuperDraw takes place on Friday, 7th March 2014, the most recent EuroMillions SuperDraw took place on 15th November 2013 when one lottery player from Spain matched all of the five main numbers and the lucky stars to take home the impressive super jackpot of £83 million. However while the most recent SuperDraw was won in one single draw, the preceding special lottery draw was unable to find an outright winner and the lottery jackpot subsequently rolled over for several draws. This draw took place on 7th June 2013 and wasn’t won until 25th June 2013 when one player from Belgium and one player from Ireland both matched all of the five main numbers and both of the lucky stars in the draw, to split the impressive prize fund of £159 million.

2013 appeared to be the year of rollovers, as the first SuperDraw of last year took place on 22nd March 2013 and while nobody won the original jackpot prize, the £80 million lottery prize rolled over to be won as it reached £112 million on 29th March by one single lottery ticket holder based in France.

It seems to be lottery players from Spain who have all the luck when it comes to EuroMillions SuperDraws, as it was also a Spanish player who won the special jackpot outright in the only SuperDraw of 2012. This commemorative draw took place on 28th September, and all of the numbers were matched by one ticket holder in Spain who found themselves suddenly a massive £79 million richer after the draw.

Since 2007 there have been many more EuroMillions SuperDraws, and prize funds on offer for these lottery draws have ranged from an estimated £80 million up to an impressive £110 million. However these boosted jackpots have true potential to become a mega jackpot if they are not won on the night, which is exactly what many of them have done. So for your chance to benefit from the EuroMillions SuperDraw, make sure you buy your tickets now! It’s easy to purchase your EuroMillions tickets online at