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Bookmakers predict increase in likelihood of billion dollar Mega Millions jackpot

After the Mega Millions jackpot rose to $350 million this week for the second time in as many months, bookmakers across the United States have slashed their odds on the possibility of us seeing a billion dollar jackpot before too long.

The US Mega Millions lottery has brought the lottery world some of its largest ever jackpots, including a huge top prize of $656 million in 2012 and the more recent $648 million jackpot in December of 2013. As prizes continue to get larger, and we are currently watching a Mega Millions jackpot worth over $350 million, bookies around the world believe that before the end of the year we will see a jackpot worth over one billion dollars.

While this idea may sound exciting to the lottery playing world, and there is nothing to suggest that a billion dollar jackpot wouldn’t be exciting, lottery officials in the United States are said to be worried that such a large jackpot could create unrest in lottery playing states. Whenever lottery jackpots reach unprecedented heights such as when the Mega Millions jumped from $340 million to $656 million in just one draw, thousands of new players venture out to buy their tickets, usually pushing the jackpot even higher, but also creating a sense of chaos amongst lottery players to get their tickets early.

Lottery experts in the States believe that since the Mega Millions jackpot is able to jump over $300 million, as proved in the $656 million jackpot that we spoke about above, then perhaps just one more rollover could have seen that particular lottery top prize soar to over one billion dollars.

While we are not forgetting to discuss the Powerball lottery here, it does seem more likely that the Mega Millions will be the one to give us this lucrative prize, since it has seen the largest jackpot in US lottery history in recent years, and since its redesign in October 2013 lottery officials are certain that bigger and more exciting jackpots are on the horizon.

Another important statistic to note is that with the odds of any person winning the lottery may well be in the tens of millions, meaning that it is actually more likely for a lottery game to rollover than it is for it to be won. Therefore if the odds go the right way enough times consecutively, then bookmakers will probably find themselves in the right.

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