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A EuroMillions winner from last November has finally been able to make plans for her lottery winnings after spending six weeks in a psychiatric unit.

Margaret Loughrey, from Strabane, Northern Ireland, became famous in November of last year when she won a massive £27 million on the EuroMillions lottery, making her the claimant of the largest ever Northern Irish lottery jackpot. However, just weeks into her celebrations Ms Loughrey was detained in a psychiatric hospital by the Irish Western Health and Social Care Trust, a decision that she appealed without hesitation.

The Trust had heard allegations that the lottery winner posed a danger to both herself and to others, allegations which were taken seriously and lead to the sectioning of the new millionaire. However, Ms Loughrey immediately appealed the decision, and, despite spending time in the psychiatric hospital, she claimed throughout that the allegations were untrue and unfounded.

Held in Gransha Psychiatric Hospital in Derry, the EuroMillions winner launched an appeal through her solicitors which allowed her to go free much sooner than expected. The Western Health and Social Care Trust admitted that Ms Loughrey could no longer be detained under the Mental Health Order of 1986, and allowed the lottery winner to be free to use her winnings.

Since her release Ms Loughrey has been spending time planning what to do with her new fortune, and admitted that the joy of being free almost beats the feeling of being a lottery winner. “I’m glad it’s all over surely, it’s a happy day today,” she said, continuing to tell concerning press that she is 100% fine and can’t wait to get on with the rest of her life.

Having already bought herself a new house after winning the EuroMillions, Ms Loughrey told the press that the first job on her lottery winning to-do list was to get her new home decorated and sorted so that she can move in, before taking a trip to Portugal to buy a holiday home. “I’m going to Portugal to sort out a wee town house,” she said as she spoke about the rest of her plans.

We’re sure that with £27 million in the bank, a “wee” town house will be the least she can afford when she visits the Mediterranean country. Having been through so much, we are sure that Ms Loughrey deserves all the luxury that she can afford, and that is a lot of luxury!

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