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A syndicate group in Hereford have beaten the odds to win a EuroMillions prize worth almost £225,000. The workmates are set to receive over £17,000 each, and follow a chain of good luck in the area.

13 may be unlucky for some but for this particular syndicate 13 is the number of good luck and prosperity, and the group of 13 colleagues bundled together to form a syndicate, which subsequently won a massive £224,225 on the EuroMillions lottery. The group of furniture makers from I and JL Brown Antiques in Hereford held the second winning European lottery ticket to be found in the area within the last month.

The syndicate group, who call themselves ‘The Lucky 13’, have been playing the EuroMillions lottery for the last 18 months, and the majority of them celebrated in style last weekend as they watched their local football club, Hereford United, in their last game of the season.

Matching all of the five first numbers in the game on Friday, May 2nd, the group took home the second tier prize fund after they purchased their ticket at The Copper Kettle newsagents store on Aylestone Hill in Hereford. The winning numbers were 4, 30, 31, 38 and 42, and syndicate leader said that he almost didn’t get the ticket for the draw on time.

Jeremy Norledge, aged 50, has been working at the furniture manufacturers for over 20 years and has known some of the members of the syndicate for more than two decades. The French polisher told lottery officials that he buys four weeks’ worth of ticket in one go at the beginning of every month, and then buys an extra if there is a fifth week in the month. But only if he remembers to do so! Mr Harmer spoke after finding out that the group had won the six figure sum and said “I’m so glad I did as my special trip was definitely worth it.”

The lottery winners are planning to split their money equally and will be spending their fortunes on a variety of different things. Mr Harmer plans to help out his daughter with her upcoming wedding as well as upgrade a few things around the house. He told lottery officials that it took him a long time to fully comprehend that the drawn lottery numbers on the television screen matched those on his ticket, and said that calling the other syndicate members were “the best calls I’ve ever had to make.”

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