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A couple from Scunthorpe have spoken of their joy at finally marrying after a 13 year engagement, all thanks to their £1 million EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle win.

Dave and Kath Long have been together for 18 years, and engaged for 13 of them, and said that winning the £1 million prize helped them to achieve their dream of being man and wife. Mr Long, 59, scooped the EuroMillions prize and immediately chose to make his bride-to-be’s dreams come true by splurging on their wedding.

The civil ceremony took place at the Royal Hotel in Scunthorpe over the weekend, and the couple spared no expense in making sure their wedding was all they’d ever wanted. Mr Long said “In the serviettes we had hidden lucky dip tickets for next draw.” And then he added: “We have yet to hear if any of them came up trumps, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed.”

They are also planning to take a luxury cruise of the Caribbean as well as buying a new home for Mr Long’s 81 year old mother. “As for the rest, that is all put by for a rainy day.”

Mrs Long said that their wedding day was everything she had wanted, and that winning the lottery had helped for it all to come true at last. “We have actually been together for 18 years, but winning the £1 million has helped me become Mrs Long at last.” She continued to say that being able to be surrounded by the most important people in their lives made their day even more special.

The couple were among 100 millionaires in the EuroMillions draw held last July 26th, 2013. At first, they thought they had won only £2.70 and binned their ticket, but then David decided to collect his small prize. This is how they discovered that they won the Millionaire Raffle Draw.

The new millionaires decided shortly after their win that they will be married in Scunthorpe between May 1 and May 28 next year – the dates of their respective birthdays.

The newlyweds are now hoping that their lottery luck will rub off on their guests, and that one or more of those present at their ceremony on Saturday will be lucky enough to win on the EuroMillions.

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