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There are lottery games played all over the world, all of them offering fantastic prizes. So why not take a chance and try to win the jackpot in Italy’s SuperEnalotto game?

SuperEnalotto was introduced by a private company called SISAL in 1997 and took over from the Enalotto game that Italians had been playing since the 1950s. Unlike some other games it has three rather than two draws every week. These take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Due to the fact there are 90 balls to choose from, SuperEnalotto has a history of producing plenty of rollovers, and there is no limit to the number allowed. The largest ever win in the game was in October 2010 when a Tuscan couple won €178 million. The jackpot has gone through the 100m euros mark on two other occasions. Last year SuperEnalotto paid out over 126 million euros in jackpots.

Although it’s an Italian lottery, the great news is that you don’t have to be a resident of that country to be able to play and win, and the game can be played online at

If the thought of winning a massive jackpot has raised your interest in the game, then you’ll be eager to learn exactly how you play the game. To win the jackpot you simply need to match the six main numbers that are drawn.

There is also a seventh number drawn, which is the Jolly Number. That’s the bonus ball in the game and makes up the second tier prizes. In the draw held on June 7, one player managed to match five balls and the Jolly Ball winning €353,000. There are other ways of winning smaller prizes too, with prizes awarded for successfully matching five, four and three numbers.

The last SuperEnalotto jackpot winner was in the draw held on May 24th, when a lucky ticket holder won €16m.

The next SuperEnalotto draw takes place on Tuesday July 1st with the jackpot currently standing at €12.9 million. So don’t miss this chance and purchase your SuperEnalotto tickets online at