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A lottery winner from Wales who won £45.5 million on the EuroMillions lottery is starring in a new TV show which will document his life since the win.

Les Scadding won his EuroMillions jackpot in 2009, and at the time was the largest lottery winner in the UK. Since then, there have been many other top prize winners who have overtaken his record throughout the UK, but Mr Scadding remains the largest winner in Wales, and now he will be a part of a four episode series on ITV Cymru which will show viewers how his life has changed since the win.

Mr Scadding, a former lorry driver from Newport, went from a three bedroom semidetached house to a mansion with a fleet of cars and a £2 million holiday home in Barbados close to the likes of Wayne Rooney. He also became the owner and chairman on Newport County FC, a non-league team which he hopes will soon grace the football league once again.

Mr Scadding admits that winning the lottery has changed his life, and says that those who say it won’t or it hasn’t are liars, but he insists that winning his fortune has not changed him as a person, and that is a very different thing. The TV show, which first aired yesterday on August 4th, will follow six different winners, whose cumulative jackpots encompass £60 million, taking viewers on a journey into their lives and into their homes.

The TV show will also air footage of the lottery winners taking part in a National Lottery Heritage Fund project, the restoration of the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal, which all of the six lottery winners featured in the series took part in. The charity project saw millionaires building lock gates, repainting stonework, cutting back vegetation and cleaning and painting a canal work boat, all to enable the canal to once again be used for its original purpose.

The TV show, entitled ‘The Welsh Millionaires’ Club’, will run for four weeks and reveal the stark contrast between winners before their fortune, and after.

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