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A teenager who won £1 million on the EuroMillions lottery this time last year claims that she has not changed at all, and to prove it, she still lives with her mother.

After claiming her life-changing prize, Jane Park, 18, immediately told the press that she planned on buying her own house, learning to drive and buying her dream car, a white range rover. One year on, however, and Ms Park has not yet bought her Range Rover because she hasn’t yet learned to drive.

She has, however, bought herself a luxury new house in her hometown of Edinburgh, but she never moved in because she didn’t like living on her own. She also planned a dream holiday for all of her friends, but was saddened to discover that she couldn’t go ahead with it because all of her mates either couldn’t get time off work or they didn’t have passports.

So, one year after her big EuroMillions lottery win, Ms Park is still living with her mother in a two-bed flat in Edinburgh, and she says that despite initially splashing out on some plastic surgery as well as “nice bags”, little else has changed in the young lottery winner’s life. She says that sometimes life can be a little boring when her friends are at work all day and she has nothing to do.

Now, however, the teenager says that she is desperately trying to work out what it is that she wants to do with her life, as she hasn’t worked for almost a year and finds daily life can sometimes be very dull. Ms Park says that she is considering going to university but if that doesn’t come to fruition then she will try to find a job that she will enjoy.

And Ms Park has no plans to change much else in the near future. For a millionaire, the lottery winner doesn’t like eating in posh restaurants as she says she feels out of place, and having rented out her luxury house she plans to continue living with her mum for the foreseeable future.

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