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Halloween California Mega Millions winner yet to be found

A Mega Millions lottery player who won $1 million on Halloween is revealed to have bought their ticket in Alameda, San Francisco, but the player has yet to come forward to claim the prize.

The winning ticket was purchased in the lead up to the high profile draw on Friday evening, which was offering a jackpot prize worth almost $300 million. The winner, whoever they may be, purchased their Mega Millions ticket at a store in Alameda and they matched the winning numbers 11, 29, 36, 58 and 67, missing just the Mega Number of 15.

As well as the Mega Millions winner found in Alameda, there was another Californian lottery winner who took home a $1 million prize on Halloween night. This winner purchased their ticket at a liquor store in Los Angeles County and matched the same numbers, missing the Mega Number.

Both of these tickets will, according to Californian Mega Millions lottery rules, take home $604,409 after taxes and fees. Lottery officials have said that both ticket holders should ensure they sign the back of their tickets before they attend Mega Millions headquarters, and keep the ticket in a safe place until they are ready to claim.

Many winners of high profile lottery prizes will wait before claiming their money in order to seek advice from legal and financial representation, and they can wait up to 180 days from the date of the drawing. The two Californian winners will have until April 29th 2015 to claim their million dollar prizes.

As no tickets won the jackpot on the Halloween Mega Millions draw in question, the jackpot grew to an estimated size of $321 million for its next draw on November 4th, and was finally won by a lucky ticket holder. 95 cents of every dollar spent on the California Lottery goes back into the local community in order to contribute to public schools and colleges, as well as going towards winners’ prizes and bonuses for retailers.

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