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The famous Spanish Christmas lottery, the Lotería de Navidad, is just 40 days away, and to mark the approach of the lottery popularly known as “El Gordo” (the fat one), lottery officials have released a touching television commercial.

The huge Christmas lottery game is held every year on December 22nd, and it is a cultural institution in Spain, seeing people lining up for hours in order to get their tickets. Certain sales points across the country are generally considered to be lucky, and patrons will buy their El Gordo tickets months in advance in order to avoid these lines for lottery tickets.

The lottery game dates back to the 19th century, so it is no surprise that the people of Spain take their Christmas lottery draw very seriously. The lottery agency has spent almost one million euros on a series of television commercials this year to remind the Spanish players that the famous game is fast approaching.

Each television commercial begins with the slogan “El mayor premio es compartirlo”, which means “The best prize is sharing it,” and every commercial tells a different short story about the lottery changing people’s lives. The stories are short, touching and moving, and show ordinary people and the ways in which the lottery has changed their lives, even if it is indirectly.

The main story in the sequence shows a man who forgot to buy his usual lottery ticket from his local bar, the one time that his regular numbers win the top prize in the El Gordo lottery. Not to spoil the surprise if you are hoping to watch it, but there are emotional twists and turns to the story as it unfolds through the rest of the El Gordo lottery commercial.

The El Gordo commercials were filmed in several locations around Madrid, Spain, which were filled with artificial snow in order to make sure that the Christmas theme rang true to lottery players who look forward to this time of year for one particular reason. The focus this year is on the word “sharing” which is how lottery officials chose to send the message that the whole world, or the whole country, is participating in the Christmas lottery.

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