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Warnings have been issued over two EuroMillions scam letters that claim the recipients can receive large sums of money as long as they send their bank details and/or pay a processing fee.

In Kent, England several residents in Sittingbourne have received a letter, which claims it’s supported by FIFA and EuroMillions, stating the recipients have won £700,000 in a ‘postcode lottery’. It tells them not to tell anyone about their claim in order to guard against “fraudulent acts from criminal minded and unauthorized persons.” It also asks for a processing fee to be paid and for the winners’ bank details so they can send the alleged winnings.

Jill Pittman, 71, of Bassett Road, Sittingbourne, received such a letter on November 18 and has warned other homeowners to be alert. She asked her son to call the contact number included in the letter, and as soon as he started asking questions they hung up. The concerned pensioner said: “Obviously they were looking for someone a bit doddery and not someone young!”

A spokesman from Kent County Council’s Trading Standards office said: “The number of calls we receive is not great, usually just one or two in each town, but the scam is widespread and we want to warn the Kent public about it. It may seem obvious, but you cannot win a lottery that you haven’t entered. Genuine lottery companies will pay the money to the confirmed winners without asking for anything in return.”

Meanwhile in Northern Ireland, police have warned the public to ignore emails claiming to be from EuroMillons lottery winner Margaret Loughery. When she won her £26m prize the lottery winner announced she would give the majority of her winnings to good causes. Now internet scammers have been sending out emails using her name and suggesting they have been chosen to receive a donation of £1m from the EuroMillions winner. However, in order to receive the donation they need to send their bank account details.

A police spokesman warns the public not to reveal personal or financial information to any unauthorized person.

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