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A lorry driver from Dundee in Scotland has quit his job early after winning a huge prize on the EuroMillions lottery, and told officials that he is looking forward to spending his time according to his own schedule from now on.

Raymond Storey, 61, had just one year left before he was due to take retirement, but after winning the huge prize on the EuroMillions lottery he decided to finish early, and stop getting out of bed so early! The EuroMillions millionaire found out that he had won his big prize one early morning as he was drinking his morning brew and checking his lottery numbers on the internet.

“I found out I was a millionaire at 6am and decided to retire at 6.02am,” said Mr Storey as he collected his oversized cheque from lottery officials. The new millionaire even made his decision before his wife had woken up, but he ran upstairs to tell her before he officially gave in his notice.

Thanks to the EuroMillions lottery, Mr Storey says that he is happy to be given the opportunity to “live life as he pleases”, and will be taking it easy for the next few years. “I’m a lucky man,” said the EuroMillions winner. “It’s wonderful to know that I can enjoy my retirement secure with the freedom to do what I want.”

Mr Storey was one of 10 players who won £1 million on the EuroMillions Mega Friday draw on November 28th, also winning an all-expenses paid trip to a location of choice including Australia, Peru or Brazil. The now-retired lorry driver chose to take the entirety of his winnings in cash, making his final prize £1,050,000.

Having over a million pounds to his name might seem like a big pressure, but the EuroMillions winner has said that he is not planning to buy anything big with his winnings, he just wants to live his life according to his own schedule. “I’ll keep playing the lottery though. It has been good to me so I’ll keep giving something back.”

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