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One of the numbers which is sold the most is 37254, which is the number sold by the bar where the advertisement about the Spanish Christmas lottery (El Gordo de Navidad) was made.

In the lottery shop nº 7 in Madrid, also known as “Doña Manolita” everybody is working hard with the Spanish Christmas lottery draw approaching. Players willing to buy a share of a ticket in one of the most popular lottery shops in Spain have to wait their turn for up to four hours.

The manager of Doña Manolita, Ms Concha Corona, has revealed that after some years of downturn due to the economical recession, this year sales for the Spanish Christmas lottery are “more than last year”. She explained in previous years people haven’t been able to afford as much as they are able to now.

As far as the numbers which are sold the most are concerned, the lottery shop manager admits that number 20114 is one of the most demanded, because “it represents the date of the death of the Duchess of Alba”. Also one of the numbers that has had “incredible success” is the number 37254, because this number is sold by the bar where the advertisement video for this year’s Spanish Christmas Lottery draw was made. Ms Concha Corona has stated that the story told by the Christmas Lottery advertisement “is something real”.

“We have gone through similar stories” she added. “We have a customer who is the owner of a bar and bought one decimo (share of a ticket) for each one of his employees, without telling them. That number won the second prize in the Spanish Christmas lottery, and after the draw he gave each of his staff their ticket”, told the shop manager.

Those who go and buy their Spanish Christmas lottery tickets at Doña Manolita shop do it because “it’s famous” and “it sells many winning tickets”.
“If you get a prize, then it is worth braving the cold and waiting for such a long time”, says Ana, who bought 17 decimos for El Gordo de Navidad to share with her family. She adds that she has been buying tickets at Doña Manolita for many years, and that so far she has not been lucky enough to win the ‘premio gordo’ (first prize).

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