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The El Gordo de Navidad video, which takes place in a bar in the Madrid suburb of Villaverde, La Muralla, is directed by Santiago Zannou, and its motto is ‘The best prize is being able to share it’. It represents nine stories which take place around a bar of a neighborhood, and shows you what happens when you play the Spanish Christmas lottery in a place like the Bar Antonio.

The traditional advertisement about the Spanish Christmas lottery Draw promotes the idea of sharing and playing together. This is what the video represents. It has been created by the agency Leo Burnett, and it cost €840,000 – less than last year’s one- and it consists of nine short stories set around a bar in a neighborhood. The main video, where the motto is “The best prize is being able to share it”, is being broadcasted on all television channels, and the rest of the stories can be found on the internet.

According to Juan García Escudero from the Leo Brunett agency, this Spanish Christmas lottery advertisement represents the arrival of Christmas each year and, this time, the aim was trying to emphasize the concept of sharing a prize that, when it is won, “it is not won by just one person.” “It is also won by your co-workers, the friends of the bar, your family …”. “This spot shows what happens when the Spanish Christmas lottery prize is won in a bar, and how many incredible stories occur when El Gordo de Navidad is won in a place like that “, he explained.

In a way the 2014 Spanish Christmas lottery advert displays one of the worst fears we all go through between November and the day of the draw: that if we don’t buy a ticket then everybody else will get a prize but us.

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